by Rich Edwards Jan 26, 2022


considering your customer experience and where there's friction; it's more than just DAO

Where are you losing customers?

What stands in the way of serving your customers? Cutting through the red tape of KYC/AML and the nirvana of Digital Account Opening is a much-discussed silver bullet to the problem. But are the last few clicks of your customers’ journey where most of your opportunity is running out the door? How much effort engaging with customers that try to take them down a path they’re not ready to go?

It’s worth looking at the entire customer experience journey back to experiencing and then realizing they have a problem you might be able to solve for them. Mapping out the paths customers take and all of the touchpoints they have with your brand is key to understanding where and how to show up in more relevant ways than alternatives.

How might you alter what or how to connect with customers who:

  • Have a job change? That requires moving? Moving a family?
  • The birth of a first child? A second or third child?
  • A change in marital status? From divorce? From death?
  • A sudden windfall? A sudden significant expense?

All of the problems resulting from these situations have their own unique emotions, and the approaches and tone taken in offering help are equally diverse. The same slick brochure, display ad, or landing page may be applied to all but might be effective for none of them.

Using the insight from this approach and leveraging that empathy to create personal/problem-focused experiences for your prospect is key to elevating you above the noise and being the answer to their problem. Are you getting the most you can from your 1st party data and the capabilities of your tools in these scarce opportunities with your prospects? If not, or you’re not sure, we’d love to talk about it.

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