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Mindspan Systems is a Software and Systems Integration company. We are a team of software developers and user experience experts. With offices in North Carolina, Georgia, Poland, and across India, Mindspan Systems can deliver you world-class skill at budget pleasing costs.

For companies without any or enough capacity of in-house software development, Mindspan Systems delivers reliable IT solutions with less risk, in less time, and at a lower cost than they can themselves.

If that sounds like you, then Mindspan Systems can function as your software development organization, with the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs. Whether for a single project, larger enterprise applications, or staff augmentation, Mindspan Systems has the expertise to make your technical strategy a success.

Mindspan Systems has three main areas of expertise:



Every business has an imperative to make data-driven decisions and rapidly respond to an ever-changing marketplace. Managing your business this way can be made difficult or even impossible with data that isn't accessible, or is only available in separate siloed databases. By employing Mindspan Systems' data experts, you can break down these barriers and transform your business in ways not possible when you are relying on data that is days or weeks old that comes in unwieldy ad hoc spreadsheets. With custom high-value dashboards and other decision support systems, Mindspan Systems can transform your operations into one that makes decisions quickly and confidently with a clear vision of where your business is going.



When off the shelf solutions can't meet your needs for customer-facing applications or essential internal integrations, Mindspan Systems can fill these gaps in your business. Mindspan Systems has the depth of skills and experience in building end to end applications to make your custom application development successful. By leveraging Mindspan's design thinking and DevOps experience to create and deploy your solutions, your new applications can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and business processes.

Whether creating new applications from scratch or building on top of your existing UI, application layer, or data structure, Mindspan Systems has the expertise to solve your problem and accelerate your business priorities.



If you are looking to improve your customer experience and reduce your operational expense with a custom kiosk solution, Mindspan has the know-how and assets to make your implementation a success. We specialize in bill payment and ticketing applications enabling you to take payments reliably from customers and reduce your staffing needs.

Engaging with Mindspan Systems Kiosk solutions will help lower the friction in your customer experience as well as reduce your cost of service at the same time.

Client testimonials

Mindspan Systems' business is built on the success of our clients and helping them solve their most critical problems.

The Mindspan team is an integral part of our team. They work deeply on the vision, development, and rollout of our products. Mindspan's ability to be flexible and nimble in responding to client feedback is very important to our success. They put the success of clients first, which is exactly how it should be. They are a strategic partner in the truest sense.

Sahil Pate of ER Express Sahil Patel, ER Express

Our strategic choice of partnering with Mindspan in designing and implementing IT solutions has been very satisfying and rewarding. Mindspan's focus on understanding our business objectives and helping us succeed has been evident in all their dealings with us.

Lendmark Financial Services Carlos Gaviria, Lendmark Financial Services

Mindspan Systems' high degree of professionalism, integrity and trust was vital to our success. Their technical expertise was equally matched by their commitment to our goals, while providing outstanding levels of service.

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