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Bring a leading voice in the world of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on growth and risk management to your event or podcast. With over two decades of experience at the intersection of banking and technology, Rich has not only witnessed the evolution of AI but has been a driving force behind its transformative power.

  • Unparalleled Experience: Deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience set him apart as a go-to expert for navigating the complexities of AI.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Long track record of leading innovation and transformation including the launch of IBM Watson.
  • Veteran and Entrepreneur: A journey including service as a Army Engineer Officer and successful entrepreneurship, enriching his perspectives on discipline, adaptability, and innovation.

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A complete pleasure to work with. Rich provided an outstanding talk and top notch workshop for our participants. A great addition to our community.

Mark Littlewood, Business of Software Conference

An engaging and talented speaker. Rich's expertise and storytelling commanded the whole audience's attention. Too much interest and questions for the time allotted. There was a very large crowd that stayed a long time to engage with him after the event.

Sidd Chopra, ProductCamp Unconference

Actionable insights. My audience learned a lot and most of all how to use this new knowledge to grow their career and business.

Kashif Manzoor, Open Tech Talks Podcast


Rich focuses on the effects of technology and how that shapes markets and strategy for the future, particularity in regulated industries. Some his more requested topics include:

  • Personalization: Where's the Disconnect?
    You're trying to engage with customers, but end up annoying them. You try to show you understand their needs, but they feel ignored. Where's the disconnect? Find out and fix it!
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Your FI:
    Explores misconceptions and sheds light on the accessibility of the underpinning technology (with demos as appropriate to the audience).
  • Market Trends in Finance and Technology:
    Focused, "news you can use" approach to bringing up to date and pointed analysis of companies making waves in the banking industry, particularly Fintech and Neobank entrants.
  • What to Do When You're Being Disrupted:
    An introduction to the theory of disruption and how it has played out in the finance and banking industries. Looks at strategies and examples of winning against new entrants and technology in your market.


Booking speakers for your event can be difficult and risky. The tried and true can be a safe bet, but you may not bring the latest thinking to your audience. A flat podcast guest may bore them, and you. Yet going too far outside the box risks missing your audience's needs entirely, irrelevant to the problems they face.

Rich has been a speaker for over 20 years. He brings practical industry experience in banking and technology. He's a leader in cutting-edge technology, including with the launch of IBM's Artificial Intelligence business Watson. Rich delivers your audience a front-row seat to what the winning strategy will be tomorrow and what everyone will say was obvious five years from now.

Working with Rich is an easy and surefire way to delight your audience. His talks and workshops are data-driven and based on the latest industry trends. They are laser-focused on practical approaches to solving the critical problems your audience is facing. He is not there to sell anything. He doesn't have a book or class that has all the answers. Rich is dedicated to serving your audience at your event and leaving them with actionable insights and next steps they can use immediately.

it's a simple process to engage Rich to speak at your community banking/financial services event, Contact us to book a call to discuss your event. Attend a short call to help customize the keynote or workshop to your audience.

If you are looking for an exciting and captivating speaker for your community banking and finance attendees, schedule your call today. Book Rich to ensure an experience that your attendees will rave about.



Rich Edwards is the CEO of Mindspan Systems, which helps community financial institutions transform themselves with data-driven strategies and technologies. Rich has worked extensively with banking, insurance, and financial services clients worldwide during his career. He has led product strategy in data center automation and artificial intelligence, including the launch of IBM Watson Developer Cloud. Rich has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as an engineering officer in the US Army.


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