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Create digital banking experiences as personal and strong as your inbranch relationships.
Provide stand-out service and focus where you'll get results.

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Is any of this frustrating you?

  • Branch foot traffic decline
  • More expensive advertising that's less effective
  • A more skeptical public, worried about the safety of their money
  • A more aggressive alphabet soup of regulators and regulations
  • Unregulated Fintech
If so, how can you compete to win with all that stacked against you?
By using a huge asset you already have.

Using Mindspan's approach helped us focus and succeed with our business objective, in half the time we thought possible.

-EVP, Customer Experience

Compete, Win, Grow

Mindspan Systems exists for one reason: Without community banking, our neighbors suffer.

At Mindspan Systems we believe community banking is essential for individuals and small businesses to thrive in the US. Without community banks and credit unions, local economies will be hurt. They will be underserved by the bad choice of poorly tech companies or giant megabanks. A limited choice of poor experiences.

We help the community banks and credit unions to profitably grow and serve their customers with more relevant experiences.

Put your data to work for you. It's your secret sauce and it's time to start using it.

Tired of being outgunned in budget and capabilities by larger banks and fintech?

Our personalized banking services deliver:

  • Higher ROI/ROAS
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • More predictable acquisition and retention performance
  • Tightly defined high value targets that you/your agencies can target and accelerate performance
  • Better ability to hold agencies and other vendors accountable

Dig into how your customer and members effects your bottom line.

How it works

We analyze and prepare your customer data

Quantify the real individual customer economics that are achieving today.

We inject your data into your marketing and operations

Identify and take advantage of opportunities to achieve your goals.

Eliminate wasted time and money and meet your goals

Use that now actionable insight to efficiently target and retain your best customers.

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You are under attack. Fintechs, flush with investor cash, have driven up acquisition costs. Regulators are still trying to fix problems from a decade ago. Large national banks are only growing larger and more dominant...

Community financial institutions have been neglected for too long. You make do with core banking that's missing critical features. Your analytics tools are optimized for other industries. The result is a rapidly aging customer base and loss of market share. This leads to missed opportunities and lower valuations.

When it comes to being let down by those who were supposed to be looking out for your best interest, we feel your pain. We've listened to community banks and credit unions like you to develop our approach. We provide actionable insights that satisfy compliance and, above all, deliver results.

We specialize in removing friction for you in this process. You get results fast using our skills and techniques. We do the analysis and data engineering needed. You get actionable insights in the place, time, and form required to delight your customers.

Your service level has been and can still be your competitive advantage. You win by treating customers as individuals at every touchpoint.

Personalized customer experience directly leads to success.

  • Higher returns from marketing activity
  • Lower acquisition and retention costs
  • More predictable performance
  • Taking back your share

Our customers speed up not only their businesses but their careers. Leveraging customer data shows their value as data driven marketers and leaders. They are in stark contrast to other primarily banking executives. They are recognized industry leaders. This leads to career opportunities in larger organizations and scope of responsibility.


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Leverage the experience and lessons learned of top banks and credit unions

  • Based on over 20 years of customer data and campaign optimization
  • Best practices and reference architectures of best of breed institutions
  • Proven approaches within GLBA, CCPA, and CRA compliance frameworks

Now is the time to take control

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