Digital Ready? (still)

Is your customer experience (still) working?

Where 85% of your first impression is made
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Here’s a post that got a lot of interest at the beginning of the year. It seems just as relevant now…

You’ve spent enormous time and money optimizing your customer’s experience in the branch. From teller training to technology to the location, architecture, design of the space itself. All of it in service of providing a start to finish experience aligned with the story you’re telling about being a customer of your institution.

Is that true of your digital experience as well?

Has the customer flow, look, and feel been as carefully designed to match what makes banking with you unique? Does it engender the level of trust you want and need from first-time users? Does the uniqueness of your community institution not only come across but is front and center in solving your customer’s problems?

Benchmarking is a good start. Are you looking at overall traffic and levels of engagement, CTR, conversion, demographics, etc.? What about indicators like form completion rates? What’s good? A lot of that depends on the context and motivation of your customer. Are you learning from that behavior? And more than just optimizing a landing page, are you able to take meaningful action no matter what the outcome?

Both the beauty and the beast of a digital channel are the depth and richness of data it provides. Having access to it through your analytics is a good start (although many times, just this is a struggle). The real value is how you use or activate that data. Not just learning behavior and optimizing copy, but taking action that closes the leaking holes in your customer’s journey.

The good news is that the most valuable part you already have. First-party data is gold, and rapidly appreciating. What we see in our clients is not the lack of opportunity or the will.

It’s where and how to start.

Where are you stuck? Reach out for a call to help diagnose your situation and provide actionable next steps to getting started.

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