Data Activation: The Last Step in Personalized Banking

Where the rubber meets the road, taking action with your data

Using your data to create personalized experiences for your customers

This is the fourth and final post in a series on personalized banking. So far, we've covered the following:

And now we have the last step, activation. This is where the insights from the foundational work pay off in the experience for your customers and members.

The result is:

  • Better targeted and relevant ads
  • More effective direct campaigns
  • Engaging web and in-app experience
  • Higher connection and relevance of your institution with customers

From the previous step, aggregation, you identified the correlated events or triggers that flag a customer should be added to a particular audience or specific messaging/next step.

Connecting your marketing automation and making as much of the process automatic/frictionless is critical to scalability. The less effort it takes, the more places and the greater extent you can personalize the experience.

With careful design and empathy, this enables standout and differentiated experiences for your customers.

Here are a few examples/ideas for where to look for opportunities to get started in your marketing:

  • Automatically add a new account owner to an onboarding flow or sequence in your messaging applications like a CRM or dedicated delivery tool like Mailchimp, Braze,, Klaviyo, etc.

  • Adding specific website visitors to an ad retargeting campaign in Meta, Google, Bing, and/or LinkedIn Ads. For example, entering an auto loan retargeting campaign for rates page visitors or loan calculator users.

  • Automatic enrollment in re-engagement campaigns for customers abandoning DAO or a loan application process. Additionally, drive your customer analytics to identify high churn steps and indicators or leaky sales funnels.

  • Optimize ad spend by automatically suppressing ads to unqualified prospects or customers already using the advertised product or feature.

  • Website and mobile app personalization with next-best and cross-sell offers using lo/no-code customization tools like Optimizely, Apptimize, or Visual Web Optimizer.

  • Prioritize support/escalation of high lifetime value customers in help desk and core banking applications.

Activating your 1st party data can expand your level of personal touch in your digital marketing and speed your ability to meet your customer needs. Automation can help you react and serve your customers in real time, as an increasingly demanding public expects.

Data activation is crucial for modern marketers to drive more targeted and effective marketing strategies, enhance customer experiences, and achieve their business goals.

If you want to learn more about what a more personalized banking experience could look like for you, reach out. We can show you the successful patterns other institutions have leveraged and help you reach your goals.

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