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There are many reasons to include kiosks as part of your business. These benefits are broadly applicable to many use cases and industries.

  • Increased Sales: By placing kiosks in locations where it's impractical or cost prohibitive to staff, you can capture additional sales from customers. In many situations, consumers are prone to spend more when dealing with a kiosk vs. face to face interactions.
  • Improved customer experience: Even if adding marginal capacity to serve your customers with kiosks, the additional transactions at peak times can generate significant ROI. In addition to the reduced frustration of shorter wait times, many customers have shown to have a preference for self-service experiences.
  • Cost savings: Kiosk self-service sales and support can provide substantial savings in labor and space compared to traditional sales and customer support.
  • Unprecedented customer insight: Metrics and valuable insight into customer behavior and using data to make better, faster and, more profitable decisions.
  • Expanded advertising/branding: Using digital signage and the space on kiosk cabinets is an additional opportunity to expose customers to your business
  • Opportunity to experiment with new product/pricing ideas: The flexibility of kiosks enables you to quickly test new offerings and price points at different times of day/places that would otherwise be impractical

Mindspan Systems has the experience of creating custom software solutions for kiosks that help businesses succeed:

  • Create a user experience tailored to the Kiosk environment, but with a consistent look and feel to your web or off-line branding
  • Take payment from your customers, eliminate the need for employees to handle cash, utilize your existing payment systems, and comply with industry standards (EMV/PCI)
  • Integrate into your existing customer databases, CRM and billing systems
  • Leverage the experience of Mindspan for a faster and less risky approach to getting your Kiosk solution working for your business
  • Dynamically control your customer experience
  • Easily pull and report on the data to understand how to serve your customers best

While Kiosks are not a magic elixir for all businesses, they can be tremendously beneficial in many situations and can radically transform the economics of your business in revenue and costs.

Contact us today to talk to one of our kiosk experts about how Mindspan Systems can create a custom solution for your business to help achieve your goals.

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Examples Of How Mindspan Can Enhance Your Kiosk User Experience

Incorporate rich interactive features, like customizing the layout in an apartment advertisement, helping customers overcome objection and visualize their life after purchase.

Leverage our experience with best practices in kiosk UI, ensuring your customer's experience is tailored to the kiosk environment, and not just a poorly adapted version of web user flows.

Incorporate loyalty programs, coupons, and other pre-sales tactics with mobile device integration in your kiosk experience to speed transactions and enhance your customer service level.

Client testimonials

Mindspan Systems' business is built on the success of our clients and helping them solve their most critical problems.

The Mindspan team is an integral part of our team. They work deeply on the vision, development, and rollout of our products. Mindspan's ability to be flexible and nimble in responding to client feedback is very important to our success. They put the success of clients first, which is exactly how it should be. They are a strategic partner in the truest sense.

Sahil Pate of ER Express Sahil Patel, ER Express

Our strategic choice of partnering with Mindspan in designing and implementing IT solutions has been very satisfying and rewarding. Mindspan's focus on understanding our business objectives and helping us succeed has been evident in all their dealings with us.

Lendmark Financial Services Carlos Gaviria, Lendmark Financial Services

Mindspan Systems' high degree of professionalism, integrity and trust was vital to our success. Their technical expertise was equally matched by their commitment to our goals, while providing outstanding levels of service.

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