by Rich Edwards Oct 1, 2020

Best Practices for an 'Open Business' with Axway's CTO Vince Padua

Vince Padua of Axway shares insights on making your business 'Open' and ready to accelerate your digital innovation strategy.

Vince Padua, CTO Axway.

What “Open Business” means and the type of companies that are leading

“Modernization/Digital Transformation is a host of use cases of how do you you forward the past into the present.”

“Agile/Dev Ops is about productivity and innovation…. how fast can the business deploy something that is new? How long does it take to get from idea into the hands of customers?”

Vince Padua, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Axway shares his insights on how Open Business can accerelate your digital transformation strategy, and what sets apart the companies that are leading in execution and results.

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