by Rich Edwards Oct 21, 2020

Making A Mid-Career Shift in Your Career with TGCS's CTO Gregg Margosian

Gregg Margosian of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions talks about making a career shift from technology to business.

Gregg Margosian, CTO Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

Changing the path of your career into a new domain

“It took multiple years of talking to people who do that role and networking with them to better understand it, to make sure I actually really was going to enjoy doing it, and be reasonable good at it.”

“People for the most part see you in the role that you’re doing. There are very few that can see you beyond that.”

Thinking about a shift in your career? Thought about sitting on a board one day? Listen to this discussion with Gregg Margosian of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions on taking control of your executive career.

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