by Rich Edwards May 4, 2022

How Many Tools in Your Martech Stack?

With more functionality and options in marketing technology, comes more complexity and interoperability challenges

The size of martech stacks tend to grow with reported maturity levels;
stacks with low maturity average ~18 apps, while stacks with high maturity average ~40 (source Martech United)

Scott Brinker and MartechTribe have published their 2022 marketing technology landscape report after a 1-year hiatus. Always a must-read, Scott and team bring together a view of tools for markets across the spectrum of advertising & promotion, content & Experience, social & relationships, commerce & sales, data, and management.

Originally named the Martech 5000, the number of tools in their taxonomy is almost twice that now (and renamed the Martech Map). While always an eye chart, the number of solutions grew 24% since the last survey in 2020. Even with the number of vendors removed due to acquired and defunct vendors, almost 3,000 new vendors entered the market.

Participants in the study reported deploying an average of 18 applications in their marketing stack on the low maturity end, growing to an average of 40 for high mature (and mostly enterprise) marketing organizations.

The availability and capability of solutions for marketers is rapidly advancing. That growth comes with issues like any rapidly expanding market. Making sense of the landscape even what solutions are out there to your pressing problems is daunting. Scott and team do a great job of creating at least a high-level view of what’s out there.

It can be challenging to add a new point solution and align it with your existing business logic, especially without dedicated technical skills. Getting the return on this investment of time and budget requires:

  • The acceleration of your team to speed time to value
  • Adding capabilities to your stack without the bottleneck of your own IT
  • Aligning your investment with high level strategies, like personalization
  • Solving issues related to governance and compliance, particularly with the sprawl of where your customer data sits

If you find yourself looking to take control of your tools and accelerate your results, reach out. We’re here to help, even if it’s to point you to a relevant reference or case study.

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