by Rich Edwards Jul 19, 2022

First party data driven ads and streaming

Ads ads everywhere, and not a cookie in sight

Streaming services draw in ad spend with their own first party data, photo via Axios

Disney has signed a deal with demand-side platform The Trade Desk to not only offer ad placements across its properties but also match user data between Disney and ad tech. From Axios’s reporting:

The deal integrates data from Disney’s Clean Room, a privacy-conscious repository of first party data, or data Disney gathers directly from its users with their consent, and matches it with personalized data that’s been created through an industry framework called the Unified ID 2.0, which The Trade Desk has championed.

Similarly, Netflix has engaged with Microsoft to develop its forthcoming ad platform to monetize lower-cost subscription offers.

Both of these items point to the growing trend in programmatic video ad spending. In the US, spending reached $35B in 2021, with mobile making up 70% by device. Content providers, like Netflix and Disney, are not only entering the digital ad space with their content but using the first-party data from having a logged in audience to tailor and optimize ads.

“So what?” you might say. The takeaway is yet another data point showing the ongoing erosion of 3rd party data and tracking in advertising. Start by assessing your own reliance on these tools, like Facebook Pixel and Google Conversion Tracker. Ask yourself, what would happen to your customer acquisition and retention if that channel were only 75% as effective? 50% effective? 25% effective? Could you still meet your goals? What options or experiments are you exploring now, before a potential crisis? Not sure where to start? Reach out to explore the possibilities.

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