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Community banking's strength comes from their proximity and personal nature of customer service. They have always competed against larger national banks. These national brands rely on a high volume, call center based customer experience. Local community banks now face threats from venture-backed digital-only fintech and neobanks. They offer limited point products like payment, credit cards, or mortgage origination.

In this environment, customer acquisition costs have skyrocketed. Retaining existing customers and growing wallet share is an uphill battle as well. As a result, growth rates slow, sustainability is threatened, and valuations suffer.

Do you struggle with any of these barriers to being relevant and staying competitive?

  • Lack of detail in customer segments the prevent taking advantage of demographic micro trends in your market.
  • Vague ideas of customer lifetime value that hinder strategy development.
  • Little confidence that marketing and customer acquisition activities will deliver a positive ROI.
  • A growing customer base that only take advantage of teaser offerings, taking their other deposits, investments, and borrowing to your competitors.

The key to winning in this market is leveraging your knowledge. You can provide more personalized service and customized offerings to your customers. Be there for your customers like no other institution can. Supercharge your customer service and provide anticipated offerings before they start looking elsewhere.

We help our clients use their strengths of customer intimacy as an unfair advantage against large institutions and unregulated technology companies. Whether your goals are long-term returns for your shareholders or preparing for M&A, stronger fundamentals make healthier and more valuable community institutions.

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About Us

We help mid-market insurance, banking, and financial institutions frustrated by the lack of insight from their company's data, execute data-driven strategies to transform their organization and gain a sustainable advantage in performance and competitive advantage.

By providing data science and data-driven technology we help you build personalized experiences that are completely customized for each customer and lead. With laser-focused, fully trackable, and testable messaging, your marketing budget becomes a powerful tool for acquiring new customers and increasing wallet share.

If that sounds like you, then Mindspan Systems can add the expertise and solutions you need, with the flexibility and scalability to meet your requirements. Whether for a single project, larger enterprise integrations, or staff augmentation, Mindspan Systems has the expertise to make your technical strategy a success.




Rich is the CEO of Mindspan Systems, which helps companies transform themselves with data-driven strategies and technologies. Rich has worked extensively with banking, insurance, and financial services clients worldwide during his time at IBM in data center automation and artificial intelligence. Rich has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



Kothandaraman "K" Suresh is VP, Service Delivery for Mindspan Systems. With over 29 years of experience, Suresh has led successful multi-year engagements for Fortune 500 clients across the full lifecycle from concept to value capture to retirement. Suresh brings to Mindspan Systems' clients his deep experience in compliance for finance and healthcare industries. Suresh has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Kanpur and a Post Graduation in Business Administration from IIM Calcutta, India.



Chris Curry is Mindspan Systems' Chief Architect and oversees our overall technical strategy. Chris has extensive experience working with clients in regulated banking and finance industries. Chris has led the design and deployment of API-based solutions to externalize core banking processes to partners and oversight/analytics systems for fixed income trading products.

Client testimonials

Mindspan Systems' business is built on the success of our clients and helping them solve their most critical problems.

The Mindspan team is an integral part of our team. They work deeply on the vision, development, and rollout of our products. Mindspan's ability to be flexible and nimble in responding to client feedback is very important to our success. They put the success of clients first, which is exactly how it should be. They are a strategic partner in the truest sense.

Sahil Pate of ER Express Sahil Patel, ER Express

Our strategic choice of partnering with Mindspan in designing and implementing IT solutions has been very satisfying and rewarding. Mindspan's focus on understanding our business objectives and helping us succeed has been evident in all their dealings with us.

Lendmark Financial Services Carlos Gaviria, Lendmark Financial Services

Mindspan Systems' high degree of professionalism, integrity and trust was vital to our success. Their technical expertise was equally matched by their commitment to our goals, while providing outstanding levels of service.

Dale Nordenberg of Novasano Dale Nordenberg, CEO, Novasano

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