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EP332 Elevate Business Impact With AI

“Here’s where AI runs into problems, not having the context of what my business is, what I do, how I approach things. I’ve hit a sharp edge where it’s not quite there.

The mistake is to say ‘it’s not there, not yet, I’m out.’

This thing is not gonna take my job or it’s not gonna replace my business. And that’s true…

For now.

What is not true though is that somebody will takes advantage of these capabilities. Not as a complete wholesale replacement for the human capital that’s in their business, but uses it as an accelerator to make their people more efficient, more focused, and really the magic is, to have more empathy for their customers.

Am I using that information to serve them better? Not just to strip away cost out of my business. That ability to interact with them and do things that you can’t do today because it’s impractical, because it’s too expensive, that’s where the real opportunity is.

Link to the full episode here: EP332 Elevate Business Impact With AI

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