Community Lending in the Age of Dodd-Frank w/Miriam Mitchell of Addition Financial Credit Union

Behind the Vault Episode 9

Managing a regulatory shakeup

Few things have impacted community financial institutions like the regulatory landscape that emerged from the Great Recession. Our guest, Miriam Mitchell, Chief Lending Officer at Addition Financial, shares her insights on adapting to the Dodd-Frank Act and the approaches they are taking with today’s housing market.

Highlights from our discussion:

  • The two-edged regulatory sword of Dodd-Frank, and how it both helped and hurt individuals served by community FIs.

  • Navigating the compliance requirements and the outsized burden on smaller institutions.

  • The role of local lenders have played in the turbulent real estate market and the unique local issues in Florida.

  • The emerging issue of rapidly rising lending and insurance costs and how Additional Financial is responding.

Addition Financial:
Miriam Mitchell on LinkedIn

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