Banking Customer Experience, Gaps and Blindspots w/ Mark Arnold

Behind the Vault Episode 4

Avoid these blindspots in your customer experience

In this episode, we talk with Mark Arnold, President and Founder of On the Mark Strategies, to discuss the importance of customer experience in community financial institutions. We also discuss the often missed tactics for improving experience as a powerful competitive advantage.

Topics discussed:

  • Why customer experience is a competitive advantage, and how institutions could be missing out on up to 40% of potential business due to subpar customer experiences.

  • Identifying gaps in service, the Johari Window, and where to look for the most common areas community banks and credit unions underdeliver for their customers and members.

  • The common blind spots that trip up FIs and how they affect the organization’s performance and growth.

  • Working customer experience assessments into planning and keeping up with changing consumer expectations.

“We’ve learned to glance at our competitors and glare at ourselves.”

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