When Sustainability is the Mission w/ Lex Ford of Climate First Bank

Behind the Vault Episode 10

Lex Ford on how their mission impacts day-to-day banking

Sometimes, the name says it all. This week, we speak with Lex Ford, President and Director of Climate First Bank. A Central Florida de novo bank started in 2021, Climate First aims to use banking to reduce atmospheric CO2. But the bank isn’t just for those looking to work with like-minded businesses. Lex shares the organization’s philosophy and approach to internal alignment and bringing as much of their community along with them.

Highlights from our discussion:

  • Climate First’s origins and unique structuring as a B Corp

  • The bank’s approach to branch development and use of LEED certification

  • Creating bespoke solutions like loan origination software to speed the financing of solar projects

  • Why they cater to traditional fossil fuel customers

  • Using their own annual reports as impact statements and an example of accountability and transparency

To learn more, visit https://climatefirstbank.com
The bank’s annual impact statement: https://www.climatefirstbank.com/our-impact

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