Consumer Behavior and Payments w/ Gregg Margosian, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Behind the Vault Episode 2

Consumer behavior drives technology investment for retailers

In this episode of our podcast Behind the Vault, we sit down with Gregg Margosian, Chief Operating Officer of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, a company deeply embedded in the world of retail store systems. Gregg provides insight into emerging consumer behavior trends and how they impact payment systems in the US.

Topics discuss:

  • Why self-checkout is becoming the norm in retail, with a preference of 85% for shoppers
  • How the pandemic reshaped mobile payments and what this means for the future of contactless payments like Apple Pay
  • The persistence of cash in an increasingly digital world and the cultural factors driving it
  • Potential breakthroughs in mobile payments and whether a major player could revolutionize the industry
  • The challenges and opportunities for retailers in the changing payment landscape

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