Long Live Retail Banking with Elizabeth Magennis of ConnectOne

Behind the Vault Episode 21

Even in the finance capital of the world, community banking thrives

In this episode, we talk with Elizabeth Magennis, President of ConnectOne Bank, about the resilience and adaptability of retail banking in today’s market, particularly in the face of economic downturns and the rise of fintech. Elizabeth offers insights into ConnectOne’s growth and acceleration during the 2008 financial crisis and its continued evolution, even living in the direct shadow of the largest Wall Street banks.

Highlights from our discussion:

  • Starting out in 2005 and running into 2008
  • The underserved small business customer
  • The opportunity for banks as advisory roles to their clients
  • Positioning against fintech and larger mega-banks
  • The CRE market and whether it represents a systemic risk
  • Using clients’ needs and interests to drive product and geographic expansion

For more on ConnectOne, visit https://www.connectonebank.com/

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