The Financial Coaching Model for Growth and Retention with Bree Shellito of Ent Credit Union

Behind the Vault Episode 16

Working financial coaching into your organization's DNA

While every financial institution has education in its service model, differentiating on financial wellness requires a deliberate and sustained effort. In this episode, we hear from Bree Shellito of Colorado’s Ent Credit Union. Bree shares Ent’s history and playbook for scaling financial coaching from a small core team to all of their 500,000 members and community touchpoints.

  • Ent’s model for coaching as both a member service and community support
  • Which 3rd party certifications were most useful to Ent, and how they create their training material
  • The difference in coaching Ent’s own employees vs. their members
  • How Ent’s team is organized, ensuring alignment of incentives and managing the currency or skills across 50 branches and community outreach teams
  • How Ent customizes their coaching experience and material and then measures success

For more on Ent’s programs, visit:

To join Bree’s monthly financial wellness practitioner roundtable, visit here.

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