Audience Creation for your Bank/Credit Union

When demographics won't cut it

Customers with same needs often don't line up with demographics

Creating a targeted audience is necessary for effective messages, advertising, or designing customer journeys. Demographics can provide a shortcut. Advertising platforms make it even easier, and some tactics are required.

However, behavior can be a better indicator of intent. Understanding the specific problem your customer is facing or the job they’re trying to complete is essential. It is the first step to standing out as more relevant than the competition.

Creating a segment or audience based on behavior can provide clues as to why someone is interacting with you in the first place. With that information in hand, it becomes much easier to determine the next step that nudges prospects in the right direction.

A few example ideas on audience -> next step:

  • New customers -> a drip campaign to introduce all of the benefits and services available to ensure they stick beyond the first transaction

  • Visitors to auto loan rate pages -> a messaging/retargeting ad campaign tools/lead magnets to help with the process and position you before they walk into a dealership

  • Customers that search for fraud reporting in your FAQs/help documentation -> if they are logged in/identified, have the IVR make reporting fraud the first option or immediately connect them to your fraud department

  • Prospects that partially fill out a loan or new account application but abandon the process -> a reminder campaign reminding them of the effort exerted so far and what the next step is to re-engage in the process

  • Existing customers that signed up for a new product or service but haven’t taken the first “activation” steps -> remind them of the benefits/ease of the next step, or even that they signed up in the first place

All of these are low-hanging fruit. A way to give personal attention and provide help with achieving their goal. You are already collecting this information but may not be putting it to work to serve your customer.

If you have questions about picking out these signals from all the noise to create personalized banking for your customers or members, reach out. We have the pattern libraries that are winning for community financial institutions in the fight for an ever demanding customer.

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