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Interactive Kiosk Solutions

Offering a self-service interactive experience to the customers on business locations such as retails stores, receptions and lobbies, check-in areas, is a trend that is gathering pace. Businesses across a variety of industries are taking advantage of this highly effective and attractive tool to engage, inform, transact, market and sell.

Interactive kiosks run graphics-rich software and present customer-friendly content on touch screen interfaces. Broadly speaking, interactive kiosks are being used for the following three purposes.


Kiosk applications that provide information about products and services. For example, a kiosk at a book store that lets a customer see all reviews of a book. Another example is a kiosk in a tourism office or hotel lobby that lets visitors lookup information on places of tourist interest, facilities, events, activities, timings, directions, etc. Way finding kiosks in large exhibition facilities also fall in this category.


Applications that let the customer perform a transaction on the kiosk that otherwise entails standing in a queue to a counter with a service representative. Common examples are self check-ins for flights at airports and self check-ins when attending conventions or trade shows.

Guided Buying

Kiosk applications that ask a series of questions to the customer, and recommend products or services based on the customer's answers and preferences. The main appeal is better informed purchase decision. An example is a kiosk in a mobile phone store that profiles the customer's needs, preferences and lifestyle, and recommends the right phones, accessories and service plans.

Kiosk applications can also be designed to collect basic information about the customer, such as demographics, preferences, product selections, and even contact information as part of the interactive experience. Customer data thus captured has much value as it can be used to contact the customer subsequently for targeted marketing. Click the button on the right to know more about our expertise in developing kiosk solutions.

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