Mindspan Systems

Interactive Kiosk Solutions - Our Expertise

Mindspan Systems has built a variety of interactive kiosk solutions in the past several years using cutting edge technologies and a highly effective methodology that has evolved with experience. Some key advantages and salient features of interactive kiosk solutions developed by Mindspan are listed below.

Requirements Definition

The collective experience of our interactive kiosk solutions project teams in requirements definition and participation in, contribution to and management of product strategy goes a long way in helping the client define a kiosk product most likely to succeed in its purpose.


Our methodology includes fast paced iterative visual prototyping to progressively evolve and refine the product functionality and features.

Interactive Experience Design

Mindspan excels in designing highly interactive and inviting screens rich in graphics, images, animation, text, audio and video content created using the leading content creation tools, and integrated with applications developed with proven and current cutting-edge technologies, such as Silverlight, WPF and Flash.

Remote Management Tools

Solutions developed by Mindspan for its clients include web based tools that enable managing the kiosks on various retail locations from a console in a central office location. This includes ability of problems monitoring and resolution, content addition/deletion, and activation or de-activation of screens/navigation on any kiosk.

Local Administration Of Kiosks

Solutions developed by Mindspan for its clients allow the retail location staff to administer the kiosk application or to customize it, including activation/de-activation of functions and features and adding/removing marketing content and messages specific to that location.


Customer Experience Enhancement

Some of the solutions we developed for our clients provide print-outs to customers after a kiosk experience, while some other solutions have the ability to automatically send relevant information or reminders to customers by email or mobile phone text messaging after a kiosk experience.

Customer Experience Summary

Kiosk applications deployed by Mindspan for its clients can provide summary reporting of customer experiences, on the kiosk for the retail location staff as well as on the web for personnel in a central office. Such reporting options include number of customers that used the kiosk on each day/day-part in a period, number of customers that abandoned a kiosk experience in the middle, classification of abandoned experiences by the step/screen at which they were abandoned, and more.

Customer Data Capture And Usage

Solutions developed by Mindspan for its clients include data center tools that support data capture and integration of customer demographics, preferences and contact information in a central marketing database. Such repositories can be used to report on the integrated data, extract customer lists for marketing campaigns, and perform interactive analysis in various dimensions for predicting buying patterns, inventory management, and product innovation.