Mindspan Systems

Data Modeling & Architecture

Well designed databases are at the core of and key to the functioning of almost all business applications. Mindspan's highly respected and experienced data modelers and architects have a track record of excellence in designing mission critical databases across industries. Additionally, we have evolved and standardized several best practices, such as:

  • Standard templates for logical and physical data model documentation
  • Standards and guidelines for logical and physical data models
  • Productivity tools to quickly generate comprehensive and great looking design documents from common data modeling tools

We carry extensive experience of modeling and designing databases using the leading data modeling tools such as ERwin, System Architect and Oracle Designer, and implementing them on leading RDBMSs including Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase.

Data Migration & Data Integration

Organizations often need to migrate large volumes of data necessitated by changes in business processes, consolidation of systems, transitions from one technology platform to another, among other reasons. Mapping and migrating data between databases designed for different applications by different people at different times can be a complex and messy challenge. At Mindspan we undertake this task with a methodical approach that has evolved through successful execution of several data migration/integration projects across various platforms. Our expertise in this area include:

  • Identifying and analyzing data migration requirements and challenges
  • Defining a data migration process and approach
  • Technical specifications for data mapping and migration
  • Data migration execution
  • Data migration validation and accuracy check

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