Mindspan Systems

Business Requirements Definition

The number of software projects that fail due to poor requirements definition is staggering. The need for methodical requirements specification is underscored by a basic fact – if a project team does not do a good job of identifying what is needed, it will not be able to deliver the desired results no matter how skilled it is in the how part (the technical know-how).

Business requirements definition is a core competency of Mindspan. We employ a comprehensive methodology to capture business requirements and get them validated by the business users. Our methodology has evolved through years of experience of performing this task for dozens of clients in a variety of industries, and incorporates the best practices we have observed and used.

The Mindspan Advantage

  • Years of experience in requirements definition
  • Proven methodology
  • Combination of best practices
  • Structured requirements capturing sessions
  • Consensus building among user groups
  • Standard templates for requirements documentation
  • Review and validation of requirements